Halbert McClure from Donegal

"Uncle Benny" McClure, 1812-1896
Hubby's McClure ancestors were originally from the Isle of Skye in Scotland, a sept that was part of the MacLeod clan of Harris. The clans gathered at Dunvegan Castle, a beautiful place I hope to visit one day.

Thanks to the well-researched book Following the McClures--Donegal to Botetourt, I know the 17th century McClure ancestors left Scotland for religious and economic reasons and settled in County Donegal. The most likely patriarch of hubby's line was James Andrew McClure, father of Halbert McClure(1684-1754). Halbert was hubby's 5th great grandfather and, happily for us, the journey taker who led our McClure ancestors to America in the 1730s.

Halbert McClure and Agnes (Steele?) had 6 children: Samuel (b. 1709), Moses (b. 1710), Nathaniel (b. 1712), Alexander (b. 1717), Hannah (b. 1719), and John (b. 1725). Halbert's son Alexander McClure was hubby's 4th great-granddaddy. Alexander's son John McClure and his wife Ann McFall, who married in 1801, were hubby's 3rd great-grandparents. John and Ann must have had other children, and I recently connected with a McFall researcher who had researched Elizabeth McClure and Jane McClure, plus hubby's 2d great-granddaddy, Benjamin McClure (1812-1896), born in Adams County, OH, and a pioneer in Wabash, IN.

Knowing about these other siblings of Benjamin McClure answered a question I had about the name of one of Benjamin's children, Train C. McClure. Turns out he was named for his uncle, Train Caldwell, who married Jane McClure in 1831 in Fayette, Indiana.

Benjamin McClure and Sarah Denning's children:
Sarah, Susan, Theodore, Mary Ann, John N., Martha Jane, Train C., Elizabeth D., Addison D., William M., Amanda "Callie" Caroline, Coroline

My posts about the McClure family include:
In searching for current-day McClure cousins from John McClure's line, I've had very little success so far. Still looking!


  1. Hi,
    Looking for info on Benjamin McClure born 1796 in Ohio married Nancy Watts. Several McClures live by each other in Ross County, OH in 1820. A couple older than the rest. I believe my Benjamin is there. I also know that Joseph McClure married Nancy Watts sister, Kesiah Watts. They all ended up in Indiana. Benjamin is working in grocery. Can't pinpoint his parents. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Toni... tdfarm@plix.com

  2. I descend from Moses and Eleanor (McPherson) McClure of Boone County, KY; their son, Mark McClure and Elizabeth (Leavell) McClure -Elizabeth was first married to Mark's older brother John. Mark and Elizabeth had a son, Charles W. H. McClure in Boone County, KY, then moved to Pike County, IN with him and Elizabeth's children from her first marriage.
    Charles William Henderson McClure m. 1st; Lucinda Allen, daughter of Thomas and Adeline (townsend) Allen; m. 2nd, Lucinda's sister, Martha (Allen) Barr, widow of James Barr; m.3rd: Mary Ellen (Kinman) Woodall, widow of Anderson Woodall.
    My grandmother, Sadie (Woodall) Pride was the daughter of John Cleveland Woodall (Anderson and Mary Ellen (Kinman) Woodall's son) and Jessie Lucille McClure (Charles W. H. and Martha (Allen) Barr McClure's daughter.
    There is a McClure Cemetery in Algiers, Pike County, IN. Many of the above are buried there.
    You can email me if you like. I enjoy comparing notes with cousins and would like to meet more of them at our annual Woodall/McClure reunion.