McKibbin & Larimer

Death of Harriet Larimer McKibbin, who was married to Alexander "Squire" McKibbin
The McKibbin/McKibben family married into hubby's Larimer family multiple times. Did they know each other in Northern Ireland, where both families lived before coming to America?
Marriage of Harriet Larimer & Alexander McKibbin

The first marriage I know of was Harriet Larimer (hubby's 1st cousin 4x removed, 1819-1887) who married Alexander "Squire" McKibbin (1817-1888) on July 14, 1842 in Clinton township, Elkhart county, Indiana. In the official marriage document, at right, her name is "Harriett Larimore" and his is "Alexander McKibbin."

When Harriet died, one of the local newspapers printed a sentence about her death, shown at top. Why was Alexander McKibbin, who was born in Turkeyfoot, Somerset county, PA, nicknamed Squire? Well, I don't know--yet.

The Squire's father was Thomas McKibbin (1766?-1843) born in Ireland and married there to Jane Irvine (1777-1858), probably in County Down, Northern Ireland. Exactly when they voyaged across the Atlantic, I don't know, but they were in Turkeyfoot, PA by 1813 when one of their later children was born. The Squire's father died in Elkhart.

Harriet Larimer McKibbin's father was Robert Larimer (1792-1850), born in Mifflin county, PA, the grandson and namesake of the original Larimer ancestor who was shipwrecked on his way from Northern Ireland to America and then settled in PA.

The younger Robert Larimer's family moved through Pennsylvania and then to Ohio, after Robert's service in the War of 1812 and his land bounties that led to acquiring farm land. In the 1840 Census, Robert Larimer (Harriet's father) lived in Perry, Ohio. By 1843, two of Robert's brothers (John and James Larimer) had died in Elkhart, Indiana and Robert himself died there in July, 1850. Maybe they chose Elkhart for its farming possibilities.

Other McKibbin/Larimer marriages include:
  • Daniel Wood Larimer (1852-1917) married Samantha Alice McKibbin (1853-1928) in Elkhart, Indiana in 1873. He was a descendant of the original shipwrecked Robert Larimer. She was the daughter of the Squire and his wife.
  • Hallie Richard Larimer (1899-1960) who married Mary Magdalen McKibbin (1903-1976) in 1920. He was a descendant of the shipwrecked Robert Larimer, she was a descendant of the Squire and his wife.

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