Robert & Mary Larimer's story

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What a tale of shipwreck, betrayal, and adventure Robert Larimer had to tell his children and grandchildren. It was passed down from generation to generation, as a matter of fact, and immortalized in "Our Larimer Family" by cousin John Clarence Work (see the page at left--download your own copy of this entire book here).

Robert's father gave him some Irish linen and sent him off from their home in the North of Ireland in 1740, to seek his fortune in America. The ship was wrecked and he was rescued by a passing ship and brought to America, where the captain sold Robert into indentured servitude to pay for his rescue. 
The farmer who bought Robert ill used him for years until finally our ancestor high-tailed it to the "Kishocoquillas Valley" in Pennsylvania, where he married Mary Gallagher (or O'Gallagher), originally from the North of Ireland.
As noted in the above handwritten genealogy by Brice Larimer McClure, hubby's granddad, here's the branch of the family tree he's descended from:
  • Robert's son Isaac M. Larimer married Elizabeth Wood (or Woods).
  • Their son John Larimer married Rachel Smith.
  • Their son Brice S. Larimer married Lucy E. Bentley.
  • Their daughter Margaret Jane Larimer married William Madison McClure.
  • Their son Brice Larimer McClure married Floyda Mabel Steiner.
The Larimer book by John Clarence Work lists dozens of Larimer cousins, but it's 50 years out of date, so we're hoping to connect with more of them soon.

Children of Robert Larimer & Mary O'Gallagher:
Isaac M., Ebenezer, Guzilla (female), Mary, Phoebe, Rhoda (and possibly more)

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