Monday, December 22, 2008

Daniel Gluck in the Bronx

My cousin remembers that my great-aunt Mary Schwartz boarded with her 2d cousin Daniel Gluck and family in a Bronx apartment after arriving in NYC from Ungvar, about 1911-1912. Daniel had two daughters: Beatrice (a buyer for a lingerie firm?) and Ruth. The family started a furniture store in or near Paramus NJ in one of America's first shopping centers, perhaps during the mid-1930s. So far no luck tracing them but it's some kind of lead. Updated in 2022: Still no luck but will be checking 1950 US Census when it releases.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ungvar and Lojos Schwartz

Since September I've been hoping to find out that Violet was related to my Schwartz relatives from Ungvar. Violet's family wrote me yesterday to say that they don't know my Schwartz family. Their Schwartz family in Ungvar was Lojos Schwartz, whose sisters were Flora and Margaret. Although I'm disappointed, it's good to at least know for sure.

Updated in 2022: I found my mother's first cousin Violet via Yad Vashem testimony for her mother, killed during the Holocaust! 

Friday, December 5, 2008

Rookie Genealogy Mistakes

2022 update: Paul Chiddicks, blogger and columnist for Family Tree Magazine, lists the "Top Ten Sins of a Genealogist" and certainly I've had my share! Not noting my research when I began was a big mistake, because I doubled back too often. Another rookie mistake was not considering creative spelling. Paul's post is worth reading!

From 2008: I'm still trying to catch up on recording all the info I've collected about my family and my husband's family. And I haven't asked all the right questions (or asked them in the right way) of family members who might remember. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a long-term journey into the family trees. My journey started after "Roots" aired in the mid-1970s. I reentered the world of genealogy in 1998 and really got serious about 10 years ago, when a Family History Center opened in my community. Wonder where the journey will take me next?