Friday, December 16, 2022

Looking Back at 2022 Genealogy Milestones


Now that 2022 is nearly over, it's time to look back at milestones in this 24th year of my genealogy journey.

  • Fun with the 1950 US Census release. On April 1st, this mid-century US Census was made public, and the race was on to find ancestors! Between navigating the US National Archives Census site (with its rudimentary index) and checking,, and, I found just about everyone I wanted to locate in 1950. I blogged frequently leading up to the release and afterward as well with tips, techniques, and resources. Only a few stragglers remain to be my paternal 1c2r Frank Morris Jacobs, a WWI veteran who in WWII was working in advertising. 
  • Presented 25 genealogy programs. A new one-year record for me! I presented a dozen how-to talks about finding ancestors in the 1950 US Census, including one in-person program. Among my other popular talks were "Planning a Future for Your Family's Past" and "Bite-Sized Family History Projects." It was an honor to present at the WikiTree Symposium, and record talks for The Genealogy Show and Virtual Genealogy Association anniversary. In addition, I was interviewed for two podcasts about preserving family history for future generations. 
  • Active in genealogy blogging and social media. This year, I've written 140 blog posts. Some were related to Amy Johnson Crow's #52Ancestors in 52 Weeks genealogy prompts, some were for Elizabeth Swanay O’Neal's Genealogy Blog Party. I've been active in many Facebook genealogy groups, also active in Twitter chats such as #AncestryHour and #GenChat, with occasional #ArchivesHashtagParty posts. Given Twitter's problems, I hedged my bets by joining a genealogy-oriented Mastodon server (where I post as I appreciate the growing genealogy community there! 
  • LOCKSS and NaGenWriMo. During 2022, I was increasingly focused on sharing what I know about ancestors, because LOCKSS (lots of copies keep stuff safe). I participated in National Genealogy Writing Month and wrote 70 bite-sized bios of ancestors during November alone. My most popular blog post of 2022 was "Go Ahead and Save My Stuff to Your Tree," part of my plan for LOCKSS. 
  • Cousin connections and elusive ancestors. I 💗 my cousins! It's been a joy to get to know so many during the course of my 24-year genealogy journey, even connecting with a few fairly distant cousins this year. We've shared a couple of photos and confirmed basic dates for mutual ancestors. I hope we can pool our knowledge to make even more progress in fleshing out the lives of elusive ancestors, particularly those who stayed behind in Eastern Europe. 
With the coronavirus pandemic still keeping me close to home for most of 2022, I watched dozens and dozens of informative (often inspiring) genealogy webinars, including at the all-virtual RootsTech (which will be hybrid in 2023), plus the Virtual Genealogy Association and WikiTree, among others. As a member of multiple genealogy societies, I learned a lot from speakers and from discussions with members at virtual meetings throughout the year.  

In all, 2022 was jam-packed and I won't be slowing down in 2023. I have lots of genealogy plans in the works...more about that soon! 


  1. Congratulations on your accomplishments in 2022. I learned so much from your 1950 census posts.

    1. Thanks very much, Lisa! I always enjoy your blog posts. Have a great 2023.

  2. Hats off to you for an incredibly busy year! I was lured away from genealogy in the summer by outdoor pursuits, but trying to get back to blogging/researching now that the cooler weather is here. Have a great Holiday Season and here's to another great year in 2023!

  3. Wow, you were busy! Sounds like an exciting year. Great website!

  4. Wow, busy, busy, busy! You certainly have done a lot! I did not know that that you were in your 24 year; a feat in itself! Congrats! Here's to 2023! :)

  5. Amazing accomplishments! Congrats!

  6. Wow! 25 presentations! Impressive!!