Monday, March 9, 2020

Recap of "Apres Vous" #Genchat Discussion Q7

#Genchat question 7 in "Apres Vous" conversation
"Apres Vous" - What Happens to Your Family History Materials?

This is my final post in the series recapping answers to questions in the two-day #genchat Twitter conversation about "Apres Vous," co-hosted by Christine McCloud (@geneapleau) and Liam "Sir Leprachaun Rabbit" (@leprchaunrabbit). It was my honor to be guest expert!

Today's question and summarized answers from #Genchat participants offer an opportunity to consider what our ancestors left to us and the changes we would make if we could turn back time. 

Q7: What would you do differently than your ancestors when planning for the future of your family's history? Participants suggested:
  • Label all photos (identifying people, places, dates, etc.) and keep them safe.
  • Instead of passing down scraps of paper that need to be deciphered, explain the information clearly and as completely as possible.
  • Make notes about heirlooms, beyond who, where, when, and what, to add context (artifact made from special materials or from a special time or place or have special significance?).
  • Keep the collection together rather than scattered all around for heirs to try to find.
  • Write the stories now so they're not lost. 
  • Write the oral histories, in relatives' own words, for future generations to know.
  • Don't throw away old journals and other items.
  • Cite all sources.
  • Add metadata to digitized photos.
  • Shape your research into shareable, concise stories.
  • Actually have a plan for the future of your family history collection.
Come and follow the conversation or tweet your comments during #genchat every other Friday. See the schedule and more information here

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