Friday, March 6, 2020

Recap of "Apres Vous" #Genchat Discussion Q4

#Genchat discussion question #4 - "Apres Vous"
"Apres Vous" - What Happens to Your Family History Materials?

If you missed the #Genchat discussions on Twitter (February 28-29), you can read brief summaries of the answers in my series this week.

Below are the summarized answers to Q4, not presented in any particular order. They are good starting points to inform your thinking as you make plans for your family history collection "apres vous."

Q4: Who will have your family history materials after you join your ancestors? Participants tweeted:
  • Some potential heirs say "not me" for either the entire collection or specific items/heirlooms. 
  • Some potential heirs really want the collection or a specific item, and now the decision is what to give to each one.
  • Some potential heirs may be more interested as older relatives pass and they recognize how the family is changing over time.
  • Some potential heirs express no interest in learning genealogy software.
  • One or two heirs might be interested, then the rest of collection will be donated to appropriate institutions (archives, library, museum, historical society, local genealogy society, etc.)
  • FamilyTreeMaker allows users to nominate a successor. 
  • WikiTree allows users to include an "advance directive" for their trees.
  • Consider dividing and distributing duplicates and some photos now, leaving other decisions for heirs.
  • Children will get all photos, "whether they like it or not." 
  • Personal items can go in a box marked "save forever."
  • Let heirs know where your DNA results are online and leave passwords so they can access those results.
As always, a shout-out to #Genchat co-hosts Liam "Sir Leprachaun Rabbit" (@leprchaunrabbit) and Christine McCloud (@geneapleau). They work hard to make the chats fun and functional!

You're always invited to join the #genealogy and #FamilyHistory conversation on Twitter. It's free and it's informative.

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