Sunday, March 15, 2020

With Luck, 2092 Will See US Census Doodle

My US Census doodle, for 2092 viewing?
Even though there's only a very small possibility that my descendants will see it, I included a Census Doodle on my 2020 U.S. Census form.

I am NOT responding to the Census online or by phone. I want my paper form to be scanned and show my own handwriting plus my doodle.

"Hello 2092! Greetings from 2020" I wrote, from "person 2" (that's me in my household), and a smiling face for personality.

Obviously, it is very possible that paper documents will be shredded after scanning and tabulation. And it is entirely possible the scans will never survive until 2092, when this year's Census is released to the public.

But maybe, with luck, my Census Doodle will survive and send a positive message into the future, to be received 72 years from now by a genealogist looking for me and my family.

Will you add a Census Doodle to be seen by future generations, with luck?

Luck - #52Ancestors prompt for this week!

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