Thursday, January 27, 2022

Pop Quiz, Part 2: 1950 US Census Vocabulary

This is Part 2 of the 1950 US Census vocabulary quiz!

First, the answers to questions in Part 1. 

1. Class of worker: P, G, O, NP

P = working for a private employer

G = working for a government agency

O = working in your own business (for pay)

NP = "no pay," as in working without pay on the family farm or in the family business

For more about the 1950 questions, see this page on the iPums site.

2. Enumeration District 

This is defined as the geographic area that one Census enumerator could cover during the Census period. In major metro areas, a single city block filled with apartment buildings might be one entire ED. For more, see Steve Morse's FAQs here.

3. Form P1 

This form is the "Population and Housing Schedule," the main questionnaire completed by enumerators in counting people for the Census. For more, see this History Hub article

4. Inmate - Who would be listed this way in the Census?

Not just inmates in correctional facilities, but also individuals in mental institutions, homes for the aged, and other institutional residences. For a lot more detail, see a pdf government report on the 1950 institutional population here.


Now, it's quiz time again. 

Test yourself: Do you know the answers to these four additional vocabulary questions? 

5. Naturalized? AP - What do those two code letters indicate?

6. Sample Person - How would a person be designated as a sample?

7. T-Night - What does the T stand for?

8. $10,000+ - When would this be shown?

. . . Answers soon!

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