Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Pop Quiz, Part 1: 1950 US Census Vocabulary

How well do you know your 1950 US Census vocabulary? 

Here are four specialized terms or codes you'll encounter when this mid-century Census is released on April 1. 

Test yourself:

1. Class of worker: P, G, O, NP - Decode this alphabet soup!

2. Enumeration District - What does this mean?

3. Form P1 - What's the full name for this form? 

4. Inmate - Who would be listed this way in the Census?

. . . Answers to be revealed soon, along with a quiz about four more vocabulary terms!  Spoiler: answers are HERE!

PS: For more about the 1950 US Census please see my summary page here.


  1. A quiz?! What a fun idea for a post! Do we take the quiz and answer the questions now and see if we get them right when the answers are revealed, or do we wait until next time?

    1. At your own pace. Next day's post has answers, plus 4 more questions. Third day's post has final answers! Have fun.