Thursday, July 2, 2020

For Kids of All Ages: Family History Coloring Book

Family history coloring book created for a young relative
With the pandemic keeping me close to home, I had time this week to follow the easy how-to instructions in Lisa Alzo's excellent article in Family Tree Magazine about creating a genealogy coloring book.

I quickly got hooked and wound up creating not one but two family history coloring books. One is for a preschooler on my side of the family and the other is for a kindergartener on my husband's side.

Each "book" consists of about a dozen pages printed on sturdy paper. Each page features an ancestor, a married couple, or a family from our family's past. The pages are held together in a report binder, easily removed for coloring.

I used the "pencil sketch" tool in my image software, as Lisa suggests, to create a black-and-white version of each old photo (see left).

I captioned each photo in large lettering, using full names and relationships. Moritz Farkas, shown here, is the great-great-great-grandpa of the youngster who gets this coloring book. On the cover is a pencil sketch of myself (aka Auntie M) and my hubby cuddling the cutie-pie who will color these pages.

My hope is that coloring the people, clothing, and backgrounds will make the names and faces more familiar to this youngest generation. And maybe while coloring, the kids will ask a question or listen to a story or two about our family's history.

To encourage the parents to actually let the children scribble (ooops, I mean color) each page, I'm sending the coloring book file electronically as well as mailing a printed version. Then parents can reprint a page or the entire coloring book whenever they wish.

Maybe this will wind up to be a multi-generational arts project?! It's certainly an easy way to make family history fun for all ages.


  1. What a wonderful idea! I will have to start going through photos now, to start getting a couple of coloring books ready for Christmas presents.

  2. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing this with us. :)

  3. Absolutely wonderful!