Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wordless (Almost) Wednesday: July 16, 1947

For years I wondered about this photo, dated July 16, 1947, taken in Montreal. Why were my newlywed parents (Harold Burk and Daisy Schwartz) in Montreal? Who was the young man on the right?

Now, 67 years later, I have some answers. It turns out that the young man is Dad's first cousin William, who lived in Montreal.

William was a son of Abraham Burke, while Harold was a son of Abraham's brother, Isaac Burk. (Sometimes their last name was spelled Berk.)

William was at my parents' 1946 wedding in New York City and months later, when Mom and Dad visited Montreal to see the Burke/Berk family, William took them to this fun restaurant. In fact, his daughter has this exact photo!


  1. It's great to learn who the young man was and why your parents were in Montreal. I have a different question, though: why are they feeding a piglet on the table?! That seems like a very unusual thing to see in a restaurant. Do you have any information about that aspect of the photo, Marian?

  2. Love that photo!

  3. Cousin says she thinks the restaurant was named Au Pied Du Cochon (pigs feet) and this must have been one of the gimmicks. I notice the piglet is on its own table, at least! A restaurant of this name is in business in Montreal, but I don't know whether it's the same one. Something to check on...