Sunday, January 8, 2012

52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy: Tools--Ancestry (I married him for his ancestors)

For years I've resisted posting my family trees on Ancestry. But toward the end of 2011, I decided to begin posting what I've gathered about hubby's ancestors, because this will make it easier for everyone in the family to see the tree, no matter where they are. And the little waving green leaf is a welcome sign of hints, sometimes valuable and sometimes not. That makes documenting the tree online a little easier, and has pointed me in the direction of new info.

My family comes from Eastern Europe, and of course I've run into brick walls on both sides of the tree. Many records are available only in offices somewhere deep in Hungary, Latvia, or Lithuania...and even then, language can be a challenge.

For example, my grandma Henrietta Mahler is shown at left in the 1930s, at the wedding of her younger daughter, Miriam. Henrietta was born in Eastern Europe, as was her older brother, and their parents. Someday I hope to have more info about where they came from, but details have been elusive up to now.

My husband's family, however, is from England, Ireland, and possibly Scotland, with some stopovers in Canada. Searching for his ancestors is a lot easier than searching for mine--the documents and indexes for his family are almost always in English, and almost always online! Plus I've met several very kind genealogy "angels" who helped along the way, thanks to Ancestry's surname and geographical message boards.

Now you know my secret: I married him for his ancestors. LOL!


  1. "I married him for his ancestors" - I had to laugh at this! Were it not for the fact that neither of us knew anything about one another's ancestors at the time, I would say that my husband married me for my ancestors! He (a military analyst), who has relatively recent immigrant ancestors (arrived between 1850 and 1910) who have little involvement with the military, prefers my ancestors, who seem to have arrived in this country between 1630 and 1760 and have had lots of involvement with the military. I find his ancestors just as interesting as mine but cannot get him interested in them.

  2. This is the best line of the year! Of course the year is 8 days old. Just sayin'. thank goodness someone has a pedigree.

  3. Thanks Greta and Izzi, for reading and sharing your thoughts. Are the leaves always greener on the other side of the tree :) ?