Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Genealogy Resolutions: Post, Scan, Store, Label, and Share

Welcome to 2012, the year when I plan to:
  • Post my family trees on Ancestry (partly, I admit it, as cousin bait):
    • Finish the Wood/McClure/Steiner/Slatter tree (including the Larimer and Shehen families).
    • Start the Schwartz family tree.
    • Start the Mahler family tree.
  • Scan more Wood and Burk photos and documents, add to family trees on Ancestry.
  • Store all my original documents in archival boxes, categorized by family. This isn't just for my convenience--it's also for the genealogists of tomorrow (you know who you are).
  • Label the rest of my photos and categorize by family.
  • Share the best family photos and videos from the past 7 years (meaning since I went digital) via DVD with my immediate family. This will keep our shared history alive into the next generation and give my loved ones a head start on genealogy. Years from now, no need to scan treasured photos when everyone received the same image on DVD at the same time! 
No matter what the technology in 2022, 2032, and beyond, there will still be images and names, I'm sure. Whether the Flip videos will survive, who knows?

Happy new year to you all, and happy ancestor hunting!


  1. Great goals, Marian! I'm sure you'll be able to take them on and conquer them! I hope to get a tree up on Ancestry too and it's for the same reason. Cousin bait is a wonderful thing!

  2. Thanks, Cheryl, and happy new year to you! Here's to cousin bait!

  3. Wonderful goals! I wish you lots of luck and the free time to do it all!