Wood family of Ohio

James Edgar Wood
(see death cert, below)
Thomas Haskell Wood (1809-1890), a seagoing man from New Bedford, MA, married young NYC teenager Mary Amanda Demarest (1831-1897) in Plaquemine, LA. Their fast-growing family moved to Cabell, VA before settling in Toledo, Ohio, around 1862.

Thomas was hubby's great-great-grandpa, and it's through the Wood side that he has Mayflower ancestry.

A big thank you to long-time Wood genealogist Cousin Larry, whose meticulous research has traced the Wood line back to the 1500s.

Thomas and Mary had 17 children over the course of 28 years, although not all lived beyond childhood.

In order from oldest to youngest, they are: 
  • Jane Ann Wood (1846-1936) married George Black.
  • Thomas Jefferson Isaiah Haskell Wood (1848-1861) - died young.
  • John Marshall Taber Wood (1850-1859) - died young.
  • Lucy Maria Kize Wood (1851-1870) - died young.
  • William Henry White Wood (1853-1893) - married, children, see below.
  • Alfred Olando Wood (1855-1895) - married but no children
  • Francis "Frank" Ellery Wood (1857-1933) - married, children.
  • Joe Elemuel Wood (1859-1864) - twins died young.
  • Lavatia Allen Wood (1859-1864) - twins died young.
  • Charles Augustus Wood (1862-1895) - the first to be born in Toledo.
  • Rachel Ellen "Nellie" Wood (1864-1954) - a kind aunt to nieces/nephews.
  • George Howard Wood (1866-1866--d. in infancy)
  • Marion Elton Wood (1867-1947) - married, children.
  • Mary Emma Wood (1869-1950) - married, not sure about children.
  • James Edgar Wood (1871-1939) SHOWN ABOVE - hubby's great-grandpa!
  • Robert Orrin Wood (1873-1933) - married, children.
  • Leander Elkanah Wood (1875-1875--d. in infancy)
We're still researching some of these Wood siblings. We know almost nothing of Mary Emma Wood after the 1870 Census...except that she married a man named W.R. Eagle. Update: More info became available, will be posting shortly.

William Henry White Wood married Olive V. Osborne. One of their daughters was Mary Amanda Wood, who married August J. Carsten--a bit of the Carsten story is here.

Mary Slatter Wood (seated left) and husband James Edgar Wood (seated right) with their children 
Here are some of my posts about the Wood clan:
  • Thomas Haskell Wood and many of his sons were carpenters (Thomas's dad was captain of a merchant ship). More about Wood family carpenters. More about James Edgar Wood's house-building in Cleveland. Addresses of James Edgar Wood's homes in Cleveland.
  • John Andrew Wood, brother of Edgar James Wood (hubby's dad), lived in Crown Point, IN. I learned a lot from his obituary.
  • Theodore William Wood, brother of Edgar James Wood, moved to Jackson, MI and became active in community theater.
  • James Edgar Wood married Mary Slatter on 21 September 1898.
  • Edgar James Wood's trio played at "Marty's" in Cleveland. He wrote and copyrighted a number of songs. He spent a couple of summers playing with a jazz band to pay for passage to and from Europe while at college.
  • Edgar James Wood kept a diary and he and his wife, Marian McClure, loved to take cruises. His diary helped me identify two cousins, Edith and Dorothy.
  • Plaquemine, LA, and the church where Thomas married Mary.
  • Edgar James Wood's detailed college photo album from Tufts, Zeta Psi House, 1925.
  • James Edgar Wood married and divorced Alice Hopperton Unger. I learned more about their divorce recently!
  • James Edgar Wood's elusive 3d marriage license, when he wed Caroline Foltz Cragg
  • Elihu Wood (hubby's 3d great-grandpa) served 6 days in the American Revolutionary War.
  • Wood family photos and a complete listing of Thomas Haskell Wood & Mary Amanda Demarest's 17 children
  • Alfred Olando Wood of the Wood Bros Carpenters.
  • Isaiah Wood and Harriet Taber of the "Little Compton" Woods.
  • Isaac, John, and Robert Larimer, 1812 War vets.
  • Marian Jane McClure Wood passes through McClure, Ohio in the 1930s. 
  • Christmas postcards sent to the Wood family in Toledo, early 1900s, incuding one from 1915.
  • James Edgar Wood and the Hermit Club.
  • Francis Earle Wood Sr.'s occupation: carpenter to decorator by 1927. 
  • Aunt Nellie Kirby writes to Wallis Walter Wood often (and she was married twice)
  • Wallis Walter Wood gets a Christmas card, 1909
  • Edgar James Wood's jazz-era band had a banner and a name--Wood's Society Syncopators 
  • What's the significance of Thomas Haskell Wood's middle name? Probably the Mayflower connection.
  • Charles Augustus Wood, son of Thomas Haskell Wood & Mary Amanda Demarest, and his children.
  • Edgar James Wood's occupation was carpenter, and homes he built 100+ years ago still stand in Cleveland.
  • Writing a family memory booklet about Mary Slatter & James Wood and family as a way to share their story with the next generation.
  • Sample pages from the booklet about Wood & Slatter. 
  • Looking at the many Janes in our family (including the Wood line).
  • Edgar James Wood's diaries show what he was doing for 30 years.
  • Edgar James Wood drove his children around to RR yards and other areas on Sunday afternoons while Marian McClure Wood made a big dinner.
  • The Wood family's memories of life in Cleveland during WWII.  
  • Where the Edgar J. Wood/Marian McClure Wood family lived in 1941--research to confirm my hubby's memory.
  • Charles Francis Elton, born on 3/31/1891.
  • Edgar J. Wood remembers his father being against college...sons should stay home and earn money for the family coffers.
  • James Edgar Wood was a carpenter and home builder, but none of his sons or grandchildren went into that business.
  • 10 generations back from my husband is John Wood Jr., the last of this Wood line born in England. He died in R.I. in 1704.
  • Mayflower and Fortune connections to Wood family.
  • Circa 1912, Wood family lived on Lancelot Ave in Cleveland, in a home built by James Edgar Wood.
  • Grandpa James Edgar Wood was married 3 times. What was the story of marriage #2?
  • What happened to James Edgar Wood's third wife, Carolina Foltz Cragg Wood? 
  • Looking for James E. Wood and siblings in old city directories. Finding them! And sometimes not.
  • Marion Elton Wood had a son, Charles Francis Elton Wood, who sent holiday postcards to my husband's uncle Wallis Walter Wood early in the 1900s.
I also know, from his death cert, that James Edgar Wood was living at the same address as his older son, Edgar James, at the time of his death in January, 1939 (of pneumonia and heart trouble). For some unknown reason, the informant--who was Edgar James Wood--signed the cert as "James E. Wood Jr," a name that doesn't exist in the family. And Edgar gave inaccurate info about his dad's mother and father's names/birthplaces. No wonder I'm wary of accepting info in official documents (particularly death certs) without double-checking!

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