Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: 1915 Christmas Postcard from a Wood Cousin

On December 20, 1915, cousin Dorothy Louise Baker (1897-1981) sent this pretty postcard to one of her first cousins, Wallis W. Wood (1905-1957). It has remained in the family for 100 years! So what if Wallis's name wasn't spelled correctly?


  1. That's a very cool piece of family history. I love vintage postcards, but don't have any that belonged to family.

    1. Not only are the pictures cool, but being able to read the postmark (including time of day!) is amazing, even a century later. Thanks for reading and commenting, Anna.

  2. Marion, that is a charming postcard & a great piece of family history. You have kept it in wonderful shape.