Wednesday, October 27, 2021

On the Track of the First Train

During Family History Month, I'm trying to track down answers to some questions that have on my "to do" list for some time. 

One question is the origin of the given name "Train," which appears several times in my husband's McClure line. 

Previously, I concluded that Train Caldwell McClure was named for his uncle by marriage, Train Caldwell (1810-1887) who was the husband of Mary McClure (1810-1869). 

Who was the first Train?

However, he wasn't the first in the Caldwell line to bear the Train name. 

  • Train Caldwell, husband of Mary, was the son of James Caldwell (1787-1819), an Ohio Fever ancestor.
  • This James Caldwell had a brother named Train Caldwell, and a brother named Manlove Caldwell, among other siblings. 
  • The father of James, Train, and Manlove was James Caldwell (1748-1830). When this James's will was submitted for probate (see handwritten will at top), he named his sons and daughters individually. Thank goodness! 
  • A different will and a few family trees suggest that in the 1700s in this direct line, one of the Caldwell men married Mary Train (or Trane). That appears to be the first appearance of the Train/Trane name in the entire family.

Who was the first Manlove?

Research shows the Caldwell family sometimes used an in-law's surname or a mother's maiden name in a succeeding generation, as a show of respect or affection. Train is only one example. 

In the Caldwell family tree, Mary Caldwell (daughter of Joseph Caldwell) married George Manlove in Preble county, Ohio (the same jurisdiction where James Caldwell's will was probated) in 1811. Mary and George are both named as early settlers in a 1917 History of Fayette County, Indiana, where they moved from Ohio.  

Earlier, this Manlove family lived in Guilford, North Carolina as the Caldwell family did. Some of the Caldwells moved to Ohio, some went on to Indiana, in same area as the Manloves. 

Even earlier, some in the Manlove family lived in Kent, Delaware, where James Caldwell was born (the James who died in 1830, whose will is shown at top).

On the right track?

Looks lilke I'm on the right track, following how intermarriages and multigenerational associations resulted in both Train and Manlove becoming given names in the Caldwell family.

However, Train Caldwell McClure did not continue the naming tradition into the next McClure generation or later. Manlove Caldwell, who was mentioned in his father James's will above, doesn't seem to have named a child after himself, either.

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