Saturday, October 23, 2021

Farkas Family: Good Sports About Fishing

Go fish!

After World War II, the Farkas Family Tree (named in honor of my maternal great-grandparents, Moritz Farkas and Leni Kunstler Farkas) tried to charter a boat and fish as a family every year.

Some years the tree couldn't reserve a boat on their chosen weekend, but when they did, at least 30 men, women, and children boarded for a full day of fishing--or, more accurately, food and fun, with a little fishing too. 

A good number of my ancestors were land-lubbing apartment-dwellers in New York City. Still, they were good sports about being on the water once a year and baiting a hook or two. Some had fancy fishing rods, but many used a length of string with a basic hook, lowered into the water by hand.

Here's what the tree minutes say about two memorable all-day fishing trips (making me smile 70+ years later).

Excerpt about a fishing trip on Sunday, May 29, 1949:

"Many fish and many kinds of fish were caught and a most tremendous amount of eating and drinking. Fifty of the fish were fried at the host's home that night. Those who didn't realize how tired they were, played gin rummy until midnight. Albert caught the most fish; Ella caught the first fish; Leonard caught the largest fish; Irene caught the first flounder; Harry reported his stomach was in good condition and stayed on board." 

Excerpt about a fishing trip on Sunday, May 27, 1951

"Except for a few green faces and rough weather, our fishing trip was a huge success. Huddled under the canvas cover, we all had a great time eating, singing, and eating. Abe was the only anti-social one. He insisted on staying at the back of the boat looking out to sea, but he was bent in a peculiar position, with his head over the edge." 

-- Sports is the week 42 prompt in Amy Johnson Crow's #52Ancestors challenge.


  1. I love it. If these entries are this much fun, the outings must have been a blast! I can just see them laughing all day.

  2. The keeper of the minutes had a wonderful sense of humor.