Monday, November 13, 2017

Genealogy Word of the Day: Ramage

Have you ever heard of the word ramage, which means a group of people descended from a single individual? Me neither.

Until November 3d, when it was the calendar word of the day, shown above.

Go ahead, use it in a sentence. Here's my first try:
I'm researching the ramage of Thomas Haskell Wood, including five daughters and 12 sons.


  1. Great word, Marian, new to me too.

  2. I've got to make a note of this and can use it once I complete researching the ramage of my great grandparents! Thanks!

  3. Maybe a new TV program called "Finding Their Ramage" is in our future?

  4. Love it! Ramage! Now I need to research the damage of Jasper Pascal Brown.