Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Family History Month: DEFGH Surnames

Lucille Ethel McClure de Velde with her husband, John Everett de Velde, and her mother, Margaret Jane Larimer McClure, before 1913
Today, more alphabetical surnames from three family trees I'm researching. These are D through H on each tree. Three more posts to go in the coming days as I complete the ABC surname meme.

McClure/Wood tree:
  • D is for de Velde
  • D is for Demarest
  • D is for Denning
  • D is for Devore
  • E is for Eagle
  • E is for Everitt
  • F is for Forde
  • F is for Fowler
  • F is for Freeland
  • G is for Grassley
  • G is for Gregg
  • H is for Haggarty/Haggerty
  • H is for Haglind
  • H is for Halbedel
  • H is for Hathaway
  • H is for Heemsoth
  • H is for Herrold
  • H is for Hilborn
  • H is for Hopperton
  • H is for Humrickhouse
Mahler/Burk tree:
  • E is for Epstein
  • E is for Etschel
  • G is for Gaffin
  • G is for Gennis
  • G is for Goldfarb
  • G is for Goodfield
  • H is for Harris
  • H is for Horwich
Farkas/Schwartz tree:
  • E is for Ezrati
  • F is for Farber
  • F is for Farkas
  • G is for Gelbman
  • G is for Girson
  • G is for Gutfried
  • H is for Hurwitch/Hurwitz/Horwich

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