Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Treasure Chest Tuesday: Valentines in the Family

For Valentine's Day, a selection of valentines sent to ancestors on both sides of the family.

At right, the inside of the first valentine sent by my Dad (Harold Burk, 1909-1978) to my Mom (Daisy Schwartz, 1919-1981), in 1946.

They were engaged on New Year's Eve and had to wait to set a wedding date because of the housing shortage after WWII, with Dad and so many other GIs returning from the service and settling down.

At left, a holiday postcard from hubby's family. This was sent by Nellie (Rachel Ellen) Wood Kirby (1864-1954) in Chicago to her young nephew, Wallis W. Wood (1905-1957) in Cleveland, around 1910ish.

I also have to include a different postcard sent by Aunt Nellie to her nephew Wally, shown at right.

Happy Lincoln's birthday!


  1. Love the cards and stories, but it appears that Bill Murray posed for that portrait of Abraham Lincoln! HA!

  2. What neat old Valentine's Day cards! And, the one for Lincoln's birthday. I love that you organized enough to find them for the proper holiday. It's a goal of mine, but I'm nowhere close to being there yet!

  3. Wendy's right--the Abe Lincoln on that postcard is better looking than usual!

    Dana, I have a separate digital folder for all these Wood family postcards and gave them descriptive names after scanning them. Like "Xmas1912" or "Easter1906" so I have some idea of why and when. All of my images are filed by surname or family and some, like these postcards, are in subfolders so I can find them. With more than 8,000 personal and genealogy images, it's the only way I can ever find anything! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Be still my vintage ephemera-loving heart. I'm feeling the urge to rummage through a good antique store!