Saturday, October 29, 2016

Sorting Saturday: Happy Halloween 1913

That favorite Wood aunt, Rachel Ellen "Nellie" Wood Kirby, sent this adorable Halloween card to her Cleveland nephew, Wallis Walter Wood, in 1913.

Wallis ("Uncle Wally" in the family, 1905-1957) was one of four sons of James Edgar Wood (1871-1939) and Mary Slatter Wood (1869-1925). His brothers were: Edgar James Wood (1903-1986), John Andrew Wood (1908-1980), and Theodore William Wood (1910-1968).

Although James Edgar Wood was a builder--a carpenter from a long, long line of carpenters in the Wood family tree--none of his sons entered that trade. All pursued careers in business and, in their spare time, tinkered with home-improvement carpentry here and there.

My late father-in-law Edgar James Wood had these colorful greeting cards carefully stored away for many years. How wonderful that they've been passed down in the family for 103 years, and counting.


  1. I love vintage postcards, much more special when they're family, though.

  2. I toss greeting cards almost as soon as I receive them, so I am always impressed when a collection from someone's ancestor surfaces. I really like the style of this card.

  3. I usually toss greeting cards after a few months, except for hand-made cards and letters, which I cherish and save...these cards are so artistic and convey so much about the family ties that I'm delighted they're still in the family.