Sunday, May 29, 2016

Saluting Relatives Who Served Our Country

For Veterans' Day 2015, I wrote (again) about my father and uncle, Harold and Sidney Burk, who served in the US Army during WWII. Also my aunt, Dorothy Schwartz, who was a WAC in WWII, and my uncle, Fred Shaw, who was in the US Army in WWII.

Now I want to honor other relatives who served our country during the world wars.

Let me start with my great uncle Louis Volk, whose service seems particularly dangerous because he was in munitions factories during 1918. Louis married my paternal great-aunt Ida Mahler in 1920 and was a close member of the family, helping my father get a leg up on his career before WWI.

My maternal grandma Farkas's cousin, Johnny Weiss, was also in WWI. His service "CAC" stands for US Army's Coast Artillery Corps.

My two Farkas great-uncles, Julius and Morris Farkas, were in WWI, even though Julius registered as a conscientious objector. Julius served as a cook in the war, while Morris processed new recruits and discharged vets for the US Army.

Farkas in-law Milton Grossman (who married great-aunt Irene Farkas) served in the Infantry during WWI. Farkas in-law Morris Pitler (who married great-aunt Freda Farkas) was also in the Army Coast Artillery Corps during WWI, serving as a radio sgt.

Farkas cousins and cousins-in-law who served in WWII included George Farkas and his brother Bob Farkas, Abe Ezrati, and Harry Pitler.

On my maternal grandfather's side, his nephew, Morton M. Schwartz, served in WWII.

Thank you to these relatives who served during wartime.


  1. Fighting for our country certainly is in your family's history. War impacted your family very directly and I'm certainly grateful for the part they played in our country's freedom!

  2. Marion, your family has gone above & beyond their duty to country. You have much to be proud of. Happy Memorial Day.

  3. Michelle and Colleen, many thanks for reading my post and leaving comments. Feeling grateful on Memorial Day for the service of all our families!

  4. My brother, Hugh Robert McKibbin Jr, graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1966, and he was killed-in-action in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive of 1968. He was awarded the Silver Star and other medals posthumously. He is buried at West Point. He was a 1LT on the list to be promoted to Captain. I mention this because we are descended from Thomas and Jane McKibbin, who settled in Indiana,through their son Thomas Jr and Eleanor Bayes.


  5. Marilyn, Thanks for adding Hugh Robert McKibbin Jr. to this list of family members who served our country in the military. I'm so sorry to learn that he lost his life valiantly serving in action. The McKibbin family has many connections with my husband's Larimer family!