Tuesday, December 2, 2014

52 Ancestors #50: Trying to Confirm Ebenezer Larimer, Previously Unknown Fourth Great-Grand Uncle

I often refer to the Larimer Family book (covering ancestors from 1740 to 1959--see it online here) when trying to place Larimer ancestors in the context of hubby's ancestors. But it's possible that the book left out a 4th great grand-uncle!*

Cousin R (hi, probable cousin!) contacted me last week to say that he's descended from the missing great-grand-uncle.

Here's the genealogy, according to the Larimer book: Robert Larimer, who was shipwrecked on his way from Northern Ireland to America, married Mary Gallagher (or O'Gallagher) and had four children, all born in Pennsylvania, according to the book: Isaac, Ebenezer, Phoebe, and Grizella.

Ebenezer Larimer (1773-1827, Findagrave memorial #49880241) married Catherine [maiden name unknown] and, according to the Larimer book, they had 9 children: James Barr Larimer, John W. Larimer, Isaac Larimer, Elizabeth Betsy Larimer, Phoebe Larimer, Rebecca Larimer, Emelia Larimer, Effie Larimer, and Martha Larimer.

The Larimer book is sketchy on the descendants of these 9 children. But it doesn't list any Ebenezer Larimer, Junior.

Cousin R has done his homework and says that Ebenezer had another son, Ebenezer Junior, who had a son, James M. Larimer.

We're going to team up to confirm the connection between the two Ebenezers. The excerpt at top of this post shows James M. Larimer and his family in 1860 in Jackson township, Perry county, Ohio. On the very same page are two other Larimer families, also farmers:
  • Robert Larimore, born in Ireland, with wife Margaret and daughter Susan
  • Obadiah Larimer, born in Ohio, with wife Sarah and children Obadiah, Almira, and James S.
These other Larimers aren't listed in the Larimer book and so now the hunt is on to determine whether James M. Larimer was related to these other Larimer folks or to OUR Larimer ancestors.

*Ooops, I calculated the relationship incorrectly when I originally posted this. So many Larimers, so many possible relationships! 


  1. Marian, how wonderful that you heard from Cousin R! Connections like that are priceless, especially when they can fill in missing pieces of the family puzzle!

    1. Colleen, I feel so lucky when cousins get in touch! I'm sure we'll have fun untangling this mystery together. Have a good holiday season!

  2. Marian,

    I've been trying to figure out where Ebenezer Larimer (b. 1798, d. 1852, m. Dianna Davis) fits as a child with either Ebenezer Larimer (b. 1771) or his brother Isaac Larimer, Sr. (b. abt 1771). Both had large families and both have children slots right around 1798 empty. If Ebenezer didn't have a son called Ebenezer, it could have been his brother Isaac who did.

    My grandfather, Clyde Larimer Rowles, is descended from Isaac Larimer, Sr. and Clyde's wife, my grandmother, is Mary Martha Larimer who is descended from Ebenezer Larimer (b. 1798). I've never found conclusive evidence that the two lines were connected. I find it odd that the Larimer book never mentions this Ebenezer.

    What a mystery!
    M. Pool, Lancaster, Fairfield Co., Ohio

  3. Martha, I agree with you--this is quite a mystery and to this day, I've found no conclusive evidence of the connection, either. It is puzzling since the Larimer book had considerable content about Larimer ancestors from that time period. Thanks for reading and who knows, maybe we'll come up with some link soon!