Monday, January 13, 2014

Mystery Monday: Zaza and Louis Waldman from Hungary to the Bronx

In my box of "unknowns" are three photos of siblings whose names I know, but not where they fit in my family tree.

At left is the undated photo, taken in the Bronx, which includes identification: The young lady is Zaza Waldman and the boy is her brother, Louis Waldman. Fortunately, there are two other photos.

At right is a photo of the siblings, apparently taken a year or two after the photo with names on it.

And at left, I have Zaza's graduation photo (8th grade?), also taken in a Bronx photo studio. All these photos had to have been taken before 1930. How do I know?

Because by 1930, I found the family living in Brooklyn. Zaza was 19 and Louis was 18 at that time. Zaza and Louis's parents were Julia and Joseph Waldman. And according to the census, all were born in Hungary.

Were the Waldmans friends of my maternal grandparents, Teddy Schwartz and Minnie Farkas Schwartz? Were they related by marriage to someone in the Farkas or Schwartz family?

UPDATE May, 2015: The Waldman family was related to my Farkas family, I discovered by finding Zaza's marriage info on Her mother's maiden name was Julia Farkas!


  1. Hi Cuz - I suppose it's possible that Julia was maybe a Schwartz or a Simonowitz or a Farkas? Love, Philly Cuz

  2. Hi Cuz, I have to do a bit more digging and if I can find Joseph Waldman's naturalization papers, I might find his home town in Hungary. BUT I've been looking at all those Botpalad microfilmed records and haven't seen any Waldmans yet, so I doubt this family is from the same town in Hungary as the Farkas family. More mysteries to unravel!