Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Double Trouble, Dressed Alike (for a Change)

Everybody, label your photos with names and dates! This is a "wordless Wednesday" because there were no words on these photos.

My Mom, Daisy Schwartz Burk, rarely dressed her twin girls alike because she, as a twin, didn't like this "tradition."

But here are two special occasion photos where Sis and I are dressed alike.

Above left, we're "gypsy girls" playing the piano at a Farkas Family Tree Thanksgiving dinner (is my memory correct, Sis?).

Above right, we're dressed up for, I believe, a family event on the Burk/Mahler side of the family. Without the initials on the top margin, I would never have guessed who was who. How 'bout you, Sis? Sadly, no dates, either. Lesson learned: Label, label, label.


  1. Those are darling pictures of you and your twin, Marian! What type of piano are you playing, by the way? (It looks like there's an accordion on top of it.)

  2. Hi Yvonne,
    This was a piano pushed to the side of a hotel ballroom, and we "gypsy girls" pounded on those keys awfully hard (like any 4-year-olds). I don't remember any accordion, but there were costumes and props for the family costume parade, so the straw hat belonged to one of our uncles. A fun memory! Thanks for reading.

  3. I remember the occasions but not the positions, darn it. But I LOVED to dress alike, although you didn't. I got such a kick out of it. ...sigh*.....

  4. Just puts a smile on my face, Sis :)