Monday, August 19, 2013

Matrilineal Monday: Saluting Marian McClure Wood

Marian McClure, age 4
My late mom-in-law, Marian Jane McClure Wood, was the only child of Brice Larimer McClure and Floyda Mabel Steiner McClure.
Marian McClure, age 14

These are some photos of Marian as a youngster, a young lady, and finally a Mom.

Wood family

At left, in Cleveland Heights, Marian McClure Wood, her father Brice Larimer McClure, and her husband Edgar James Wood. The kids are my hubby and his siblings.

Jane is the traditional middle name passed down through many generations (on both sides of the family).


  1. That's a cute photo of your mother-in-law sitting in the egg pulled by a chick :)

  2. If you can get a copy of Edgar James Wood birth certicate, you would know the names of his parents. Unfortunately Wood is a very common name. My Wood ancesters were in New Jersey and they go back to the 1600. There is even a town in southern NJ called Woodstown!