Sunday, August 25, 2013

Motivation Monday: FGS + ACPL = New Ideas and Info

Wrapping up the FGS experience, the various tracks really offered something for everyone: Records; Methodologies; Tech; Brit Isles; Writing/speaking/publishing; Military; Midwest Religious Communities; Online resources; Midwest; Migration; African-American; German; European; Transportation; Genetics; Ethnic origins; NARA.

Given my focus on hubby's midwest ancestors, I stuck to the Midwest track for most of my sessions, enjoying talks by Melissa Shimkus, Elizabeth Plummer, Kris Rzepczynski, Harold Henderson, and Amy Johnson Crow. Two great lunch speakers: Josh Taylor on Saturday and Audrey Collins on Thursday, both motivational and entertaining.

As tempting as it was to go to sessions all the time, I devoted two afternoons and one evening to the Allen County Public Library. (No, no costume for the dance, just research.)

Who said libraries are going away? Not anyone who's ever been to ACPL. Its printed materials are genealogy gems, its librarians and volunteers are experts and friendly to boot. In one place I could consult books about Indiana and Ohio, the two main areas where Steiners, Rineharts, McClures, and other ancestors of hubby lived. I'm coming home with about 300 photos (not photocopies) of pages from history books, genealogies, old directories, cemetery listings, etc. That's enough raw material to keep me busy for many weeks. Some bull's eyes, some clues, lots to evaluate and check.

Also I networked with FGS attendees as well as with people in other areas (Wabash, Upper Sandusky, Wyandot) to further the research effort. More about this in future posts. So many ancestors, so little time!


  1. Just found your site and like what I see. We have no connections but I do know some folks of these names: Larimer (Ark), Bentley (KCMO),Schwartz (Upstate NY), & Wood (AR). I have heard of others.
    I see you got to go to FGS (wish I could have) and visited ACPL (ditto). I have been able to attend each once or twice. Great experiences.
    I am blogging for the Rogers Public Library and include genealogy tips. Currently I am reviewing genealogy blogs for folks. Have a look:
    I also have my own: Ghost Buster at Come by for a visit.

  2. You sure made good use of your time in Fort Wayne, Marian. I can't wait to read about your finds and can really relate to your last line, "So many ancestors, so little time."

  3. Thanks so much for reading and leaving notes, Suzanne and Linda. As a result of this intense FGS/ACPL/field trip "vacation," I'll have lots more adventures to blog about in the coming weeks!