Thursday, March 7, 2013

Those Places Thursday: The Bronx

The Bronx was where my grandparents brought up their children and where my parents (Harold Burk and Daisy Schwartz) settled with my sisters and me.

Teddy's Dairy (owned by Grandpa Theodore Schwartz and Grandma Hermina Farkas) was in several locations around Fox Street and Beck Street in Bronx, NY.

Above, Teddy behind the counter. At right, Teddy and his assistant John in front of Teddy's Dairy, 1934. John eventually bought the business from Teddy.

The Bronx has a legendary mystique worldwide, it seems . . . in Japan, as well.

When hubby, Sis, friend Laurie, and I were in Kyoto in 2007, we passed a bar entrance named for our hometown.

Left, a photo of us waiting for The Bronx to open :)

We also went to a baseball game where Marc Jason Kroon, a star relief pitcher from the Bronx who made it big in Japan, saved the game for the Yokohama Bay Stars.

Right, I'm helping Marc get his pitch ready. He was driven to the mound in a brand-new tricked-out Toyota and treated to cheers from the Yokohama fans before striking out the Yakult Swallows to earn yet another win.


  1. I love seeing these early photos! My husband's family lived in the Bronx and I love thinking about them shopping in this store!

  2. Thanks, Heather! Wonder whether your hubby's family lived near my family?

  3. I don't know where all of the extended family lived, but the main line lived on 137th and later on Leland Ave. I know it's a big place, but I'm sure wherever they shopped was similar!

  4. Heather, E. 137th Street is southwest of Fox Street, and my guess is that your hubby's family did a lot of their shopping at 149th Street, which was a major shopping district at the time. Leland Ave is in the Soundview section, a nicer area at the time and a bus ride away from what were then some popular beach clubs!

  5. I remember that Grandpa had a device on a broomstick to grab items from a top shelf. He would take phone orders and deliver them,.