Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Edgar J. Wood and Trio at "Marty's"

Publicity shot of Edgar J. Wood at the piano, with his younger son on guitar and Banjo Al, another local musician, for their gig at Marty's in Northfield, Ohio.

Originally, hubby thought this was related to the trio's gig at Mother's, a bar and grill in Cleveland, but his brother says it was definitely Marty's. "Mother's" was so named because regulars could, in all honesty, say they were stopping off at Mother's on the way home from work :)

And the photo at right, taken at a different time, has an inscription showing that Edgar Wood is, indeed, playing at Marty's. The date, as you can see, is February 1961. Thank you to hubby for making notes on the back of some photos!

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