Monday, December 24, 2012

This Year's Winning Silly Sox (not mine)

For some reason lost to the mists of time, my family is a sox-gifting family. Not only do we pelt each other with new and fun sox at holiday time (and for birthdays), we have a  Silly Sox contest every Christmas.

In 2011, I lost (as usual), with my entry being a "conventional" crocodile sock.

In 2010, I lost because my entries (see one, left), were embellished. The judge (then 9 years old) disallowed such creativity!!

For 2012, the judge has specified that sox MUST be embellished.

And so now for a preview of my silly sox, which must be a sure-fire winner, don't you think? Thanx to my friend Cyndy, who found these awful toe-sox in an after-Xmas sale and sent them to me in January so I could think about what to do with them.

After months of careful deliberation, I settled on glued googly-eyes (with green glitter eyelashes) for each toe plus handprint buttons under each set of lips. Also, I gave the red monster a couple of fangs because, well, the judge (now 11) is a Twilight fan. Maybe this will give me the winning edge?! I'll let you know.**

** Obviously 2012 wasn't my sox year. The judge threw my entry out in the first round.

The two finalists are shown at right. Notice that they're both fuzzy. And the winner is...fuzzy sox with cute puppy buttons sewn on, at far right. There's always next year...yeah, and the Yankees might make it to the World Series in 2013, too. Right.