Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Workday Wednesday: Ancestors Who Worked in Wood

James Edgar Wood and crew building in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, February 1915
With a surname like Wood, it's not surprising how many of hubby's ancestors worked in wood. His grandfather, James Edgar Wood, built homes in Cleveland Heights, Ohio for many years. Above is only one of several we have photos of!

James Edgar's father, Thomas Haskell Wood, was a railroad carpenter when he lived in Toledo, Ohio (1870 Census says so). James Edgar's older brothers, Francis Ellery Wood and Marion Elton Wood, were both carpenters (1900 Census).

My grandfather, Isaac Burk (or Birk), was a cabinetmaker and carpenter, according to his immigration and Census records. Birk is related to birch, so his family probably had other craftsmen who worked in wood.


  1. Hi Marian, I like the photo of the home being constructed. I can't wait for teh societies meetings to start in September. By the way, I see today is your four year anniversary of when you started the blog. Happy Blogiversary.

    Regards, Jim
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  2. Thanks, Jim, for your kind words. See you in September! - Marian

  3. What a great photo! I wonder what the purpose for taking the photograph was. Perhaps it was the homeowner. Thanks for sharing a bit of history with us.

  4. Jana, since this ancestor was a professional builder, we have a few photos of him and his crew working on homes. Probably he used them to show to prospective clients! Anyway, I'm grateful the photos have survived and are still in the family (with a cousin).