Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sorting Saturday: Summer Camp Heirlooms

Hubby made this aluminum plate while at summer camp, etching each letter by hand. The inscription on the back reads:  

This plate was made by Wallis Wood 
at Centerville Mills YMCA Camp 
August 30, 1951

The W in the center stands for Wood and around the outside are the names of all family members, including father (Edgar James) and mother (Marian Jane) plus Wally's siblings and Mitty, their beloved terrier mutt.

Centerville Mills YMCA Camp no longer operates, sadly. But this plate, and another W aluminum plate with family initials proudly made by hubby, are heirlooms with good summer memories attached.


  1. How cool is that? Do you have it displayed?

  2. Dee, this plate is behind glass in the living room along with other family-made items (like home-made candles, clay pigs, etc). Thanks for reading and saying hello!

  3. I have two of these-one made by my aunt Barbara Nunn. I think my mom might have made the other in her home dem group. It was so great to see your plate. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

  4. I love these camp crafts...wish kids made things like this today instead of so many paper items. And for genealogy, isn't a plate like this just a treasure? Thanks for leaving me a note!