Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wisdom Wednesday: Finding Blogs via Genealogue

Have you ever used the Blog Finder at Genealogue to look for surname blogs or other genealogy blogs? I hadn't been to the main page for many months and this morning I took a fresh look.

Genealogue currently lists more than 100 sites with genealogy news, not just the usual few I check.

Alas, I found no surname blogs for my family's names, but there were a few locality blogs where I'm going to read and search entries in the hopes of a lead or two.

And I came across a Finnish genealogy blog for my friend who has roots in that country.

All in all, it was a good visit and I'm going to be back for ideas and, if I'm lucky, some connections to ancestor data. Maybe you'll have some luck with your names and locations?!


  1. Thanks Marian,

    This is a great resource. I found a number of blogs listed there which I will be sure to check out. Hope you have a great summer and see you in September.

    Regards, Jim

  2. So glad you found some interesting blogs! Thanks for reading and commenting. See you in September.