Monday, July 25, 2011

Madness Monday: TMI in genealogy?

Pop quiz: Can you EVER have too much info as you research your family tree?

Here are your possible answers:

  1. What, are you mad? There's no such thing as TMI in genealogy!
  2. Only if you already have Census records of your 4th cousin 2x removed and tax records of the neighbor who lent your g-g-grandpa the $ for his passage to the new world.
  3. What else are 1-terrabyte hard drives for?
  4. Not as long as there's an in-law or distant cousin unaccounted for from cradle to grave.
  5. All of the above.
Mark me down for answer #5. I'm lucky enough to have connected with some relatives who know stories about and/or possess photos of our mutual ancestors.

One of my cousins has a notebook with names/dates, which her mother started decades ago, and photos as well. Can't wait till she gets me copies! A cousin of my husband might have photos of his ancestors, but I know she's busy and means to share when she has a chance.

Some people on our family tree are just stubbornly mysterious and elusive. Please, cousins, I'd love to know what you know! Thank you. Over and out :)


  1. Marian: I am so happy to learn that you have connected with another cousin. And I agree - sign me up for number 5 as well.

  2. Mary, these are cousins I connected with months ago! I know their lives have been so busy that they haven't (yet) followed through on sending me info. But I'm trying to be patient! Not everyone's life revolves around genealogy, right?