Thursday, May 19, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday: Siblings in Ungvar, 1915

I've been trying to learn more about the siblings of my maternal grandfather, Tivadar/Tivador (Theodore) Schwartz, born in Ungvar, Hungary (Uzhorod in Ukraine today, see map).

To my knowledge, Teddy was second of five children:
  • Sam Schwartz (came to NYC and married Anna Gelbman)
  • Teddy Schwartz (came to NYC and married Hermina Farkas)
  • Paula Schwartz (stayed in Ungvar, married, and had one daughter, Ibolyka, pictured in yesterday's entry)
  • Paula Schwartz (stayed in Ungvar, family status unknown)
  • Mary Schwartz (came to NYC and married Edward Wirtschafter, had two children)

The postcard photo here is a treasure, just unearthed in a box of newly-discovered family photos and documents. It shows Etel and Paula (back left and seated, right) and others, unknown, from the Schwartz family.

It's dated August 15, 1915 and inscribed to Tivadar, my grandfather.

Clearly the young man is in uniform, but I don't know what country he's serving.* The young lady in front, at left, is a mystery as well. More mysteries than solutions, but a treasure in any case!

*Thanks to Greta Koehl, whose husband identified the uniform as Austro-Hungarian. Yes! This link shows such uniforms and hats. Another confirming detail. Thank you!


  1. Loved the picture, Marian. The uniform looks like the one my grandfather (from near Chust, quite close to Ungvar) wore when he served in the army during WWI.

  2. Thank you so much, Susan. Maybe your g-father and this relative of mine (not sure who he is or how he's related, yet) served together? Research continues . . .

  3. Marian - my husband took a look at your picture because we are working on Susan's grandfather's military ID, and he is thinking that this uniform is Austro-Hungarian (Hungarian side). From the location and year of Susan's documents, her grandfather would have been in a Czechoslovak military unit, but the uniforms would have been modeled on the Austro-Hungarian uniform.

  4. Oh Greta! I'm very grateful to you and your husband for determining that the uniform is Austro-Hungarian. I assume this young man is a private (no stripes visible, no insignia on collar etc). Maybe he's Paula's husband (she married and later divorced). Thanks again for helping solve the mystery!

  5. Kathleen, Many thanks for the kind words about the photo!