Monday, November 1, 2010

Data Backup Day - Suspenders and Belt Edition

Having lived through several PC crashes that demolished my data in the bad old days, I now rely on the "suspenders and belt" strategy of ensuring that my stuff can be retrieved, even if my computer is a total loss.

First, I use Mozy backup, and have set the program to back up every day at the same time. Worst case, I lose 24 hrs of data if I have to retrieve a Mozy backup from the previous day. This is the belt part. Mozy is well worth paying for, IMHO, and it's served me well for more than four years.

Second, now that I've given up the PC world and become a Mac fan (remember, "fan" is short for "fanatic"), I have Apple's Time Machine backing up every hour to an external hard drive that sits right on my desk. Really worst case, I'll lose an hour. Who can beat that? This is the suspenders part, the extra bit of insurance that lets me feel secure about my data.

And now for the genealogy part: The family names I'm researching are SCHWARTZ (Herman and Hanna Schwartz from Ungvar and their five children, Samuel, Theodore, Etel, Paula, and Mary); MAHLER (from Riga and Kosovo and thereabouts, David Mahler and Hinde Luria and their son, Meyer Elias Mahler, who came to NYC in 1880s); McCLURE (parents of William Madison McClure of Ohio and possibly, earlier, Pennsylvania). Any distant relatives out there, or anybody who knows something about these families, please get in touch! Happy to share info. Thanks.

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