Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

My mother (Daisy Schwartz Burk, 1919-1981) and her twin sister (Dorothy Helen Schwartz, 1919-2001) - fraternal, not identical twins, according to my mother. 

Which is which? No clues on the front or back. At the suggestion of my "cousin" Art, I've started slipping old family photos into plastic sleeves and will label the outside of the sleeves with names, dates, any memories that come to mind. First step is nearly done--getting them into sleeves. Now the hard part is writing labels. That's next!

UPDATE in 2022: Labeled, and in archival sleeves, within archival boxes.


  1. nice picture...suggestion: buy labels, type info then print off and stick to front of the plastic sleeve. Some of the items can then just be cut and pasted for another item. Saves a little bit of typing and a lot of writing, easier for someone else to read.

  2. Good idea. I have to learn how to format labels for my printer, but that's easy compared to writing names/dates over and over by hand. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Also maybe a good idea to scan them and keep digital copies, digital storage spaces online are almost free and this will be a great way to back up all these important pictures. Also an idea to assign a successor for the future so that the next generation will have acces to these historical pictures

  4. Sanjay, I have been scanning but I admit I never thought of assigning a successor by sharing the access code to online photo storage with the next generation's genealogist. Wonderful thought! Thanks.