Monday, March 15, 2010

Genealogy and music

One of the strongest musical memories of my early childhood is the stirring march of "Zulu Warrior" from Songs of the South African Veld by Marais and Miranda

We children would sing and dance around our apartment as these South African songs played over and over and over. Wish I had that song to listen to again! My parents had a surprisingly eclectic (if small) record collection, including the Ink Spots and Mitch Miller, plus some Broadway soundtracks, Readers Digest albums of popular songs and classics, and at least a few very old Caruso opera records (alas, long gone). 

I remember the bulky albums of scratchy 78s and the mono LPs (Andre Kostelanetz, anyone?). Looking back, knowing how tight money was in our family, I wish I had asked my parents what prompted them to buy these particular recordings. I'm going to add a few details about music to my genealogy write-up so future generations can get a bit of insight into my parents' personalities. 2022 update: fixed links.


  1. Some of those definitely ring a big - Mitch Miller and Andre Kostelanetz in particular. And how about Ferrante and Teicher?

  2. Yes, Ferrante and Teicher were favorites in my household (and probably their records were in the cabinet, although I can't say for sure). Thanks for adding your comments!

  3. I absolutely think music and genealogy are connected!!
    (See my post about bubble gum music.)

  4. Hi Dorene, I read your bubble gum music post--brings back memories for me too. Sure agree with you that music and genealogy are linked!