Saturday, November 15, 2008

Family Calendar Fun for the Holidays

This is the third year I'm creating a photo-filled calendar for my extended family. For the 2009 calendar, nearly all the photos were taken in 2008. A few are from Dec 2007 because I had to order the 2008 calendars before our holiday parties got underway. This year I'm including a few photos of "ancestors" as well. 

In all, each year's calendar has at least 90 photos; this year's total will reach 100. What a wonderful way to remember special family celebrations all year long and laugh again at funny photos of kids (of today and yesterday) in Halloween costumes, etc. Best of all, the calendar lists everybody's birthday and other special occasions, helping me remember when to send a card or call. 

Many commercial websites offer personalized photo calendars for sale. My best advice: Gather photos all year long so you can upload, arrange, and print in time for gifting to family. Updated 2022

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