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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Celtic Connections Conference in Boston, Aug 10-11

If only my hubby's Irish and Scots-Irish ancestors had been more considerate about leaving clues! Identifying who, what, when, and where is why we need genealogy events like the Celtic Connections Conference in Boston, scheduled for August 10-11 at the Boston Newton Marriott Hotel.

Sponsored by the Irish Ancestral Research Association and the Irish Genealogical Society International, this star-studded conference features two days of lectures about Irish, Scots-Irish, Scottish, and Welsh genealogy, DNA, and culture. Arrive on Friday and stay till Saturday for the 33 lectures, and the chance to network with other genealogy researchers.

Among the many experts who will be speaking are:
      • Audrey Collins: "Tracing Irish Ancestors in The National Archives – in England"
      • Dr. Bruce Durie: "Scottish Records You Cannot Get on"
      • Nora Galvin: "Mapping Your Ancestral Home in Ireland Using Google Earth"
      • Maurice Gleeson: "Using Y-DNA to Research Your Surname"
      • Christine Woodcock: "In Search of Your Scottish Ancestors: Search Your Roots, Discover Your Heritage"
      The early-bird registration discount ends on June 4th, so click over to the conference website to take a look. And as a bonus, conference registration includes a ticket to the New England Historical Genealogical Society in Boston!

      Thursday, March 17, 2016

      Those Places Thursday: From Ireland with Love, Hubby's Ancestors

      Happy St. Paddy's Day! Hubby has Irish (and Scots-Irish) ancestry that we can trace to the 17th century as they prepared for their journeys to America.
      1. His 5th great-grandparents, Robert Larimer (1719-1803) and Mary Gallagher Larimer (1721-1803) were from the North of Ireland. Robert is the ancestor who was shipwrecked while enroute to the New World, and was brought to Pennsylvania to work off the cost of his rescue. Above, Robert Larimore's land grant for 200 acres in Cumberland county, Pennsylvania, where he eventually owned 300 acres.
      2. His 5th great-grandparents, William Smith (1724-1786) and Janet (1724?-1805), were from Limerick. Their first son born in America was Brice Smith (1756-1828), who later settled in Fairfield County, Ohio. The name Brice has come down through the family, but this is the first instance documented so far.
      3. His 2nd great-grandparents, John Shehen (1801?-1875) and Mary (1801?-?) were born in "Ireland" (that's all the info they told UK Census officials in 1841). Their children were born in Marylebone, London during the 1830s. Daughter Mary Shehen married John Slatter Sr., they had a family in Oxfordshire, and he ultimately followed five of those children to North America in the late 1800s.
      4. His 5th great-grandparents, Halbert McClure (1684-1754) and Agnes (1690-1750?) were born in County Donegal, but the McClure clan was originally from Isle of Skye in Scotland. The McClures were the journey-takers who sailed to Philadelphia and then walked, as a family, all the way to Virginia so they could buy fertile land in a sparsely settled area.