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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Genealogy by the States: Pennsylvania and the Larimers

Jim Sanders has started a great series of blogging prompts for 2013: Genealogy by the States. You can see the entire week-by-week listing of states on his blog, Hidden Genealogy Nuggets.

The first week's prompt was for Delaware. Since I have no ancestors connected with Delaware, I'm joining the prompt series with week 2, Pennsylvania.
Bethel Cemetery, Bremen, Fairfield Cty, Ohio
Hubby's Larimer ancestors have some history in Pennsylvania, as I mentioned in a recent post ("How the Larimers Came to America"). Robert Larimer married his wife, Mary O'Gallagher (or Gallagher) in Kishocoquillas Valley, PA.

Their son, Isaac M. Larimer (1771-1823), was born there (he's hubby's 4th great grandpa), and Isaac married Elizabeth Woods (1773-1851) there in 1791.

By the early 1800s, the Larimers had moved to Ohio. Isaac was Sgt & Ensign in Capt. George Sanderson's company during the War of 1812, serving April 1812-April 1813, and with his comrades was surrendered by General Hull at Detroit. Isaac was a member of the Ohio General Assembly in 1848 and 1849, representing Fairfield, Hocking, and Perry Counties. Isaac is buried in Bethel Cemetery, Fairfield County, Ohio.

I know this isn't the week for Ohio, but hey, it's right next door to Pennsylvania, right?