Friday, April 15, 2022

Honor Roll Project: WWI Memorial in Oxford, CT


One hundred and five years after the United States entered World War I to fight on the side of the Allies, I visited the war memorial in Oxford, Connecticut, to photograph and transcribe the names for Heather Wilkinson Rojo's Honor Roll Project. This honors their service and makes the names searchable for descendants.

Mounted on a boulder and visible from a winding state road, the memorial says:

Erected in honor of those from Oxford who served their country
in the World War, 1917-1919

Albert E. Arnold 

Maurice C. Barry

Carl Benson 

Frank W. Carlson 

Ole S. Christensen 

Albert G. Dahinden 

Ralph E. Davis 

Thomas F. Derry 

Alfred S. Donahue 

Henry D. Field 

Albert H. Graf 

Albert G. Hansen 

William R. Houlihan 

Reid P. Hubbell 

Frederick Knapp 

Maurice Levy 

Samuel Levy 

Arthur Lundin 

Frank D. Marshall 

*Thomas Marshall 

Clarence McConnie 

Walter J. Mitchell 

Albert J. Mitchell 

*Homer Olmsted 

Edgar C. Palmer 

Frederick W. Pfeiffer 

Clarence F. Roberts 

Herbert Roberts 

Ben Salvesen 

Chauncey B. Sanford 

Clifford H. Smith 

Herman Sonnenstuhl 

August J. Tilquist 

Frank Trevelin 

John H. Townsend 

James F. Townsend 

Edward N. Williams

* = Lost their lives in World War I


  1. So glad these men are memorialized for their valor.

  2. Nice to see them memoralized and to make their names searchable for their descendants :)