Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Coming Soon: Second Edition of Planning a Future for Your Family's Past

September 1 is publication day! 

I'm releasing a new, thoroughly updated edition of my popular genealogy book, Planning a Future for Your Family's Past.

The new table of contents is:

  • Chapter 1: Organized storage for your genealogy collection
  • Chapter 2: Organize your photos, images, and movies
  • Chapter 3: Organizing digital files and emails
  • Chapter 4: Inventory and index your genealogy collection
  • Chapter 5: Record your family tree
  • Chapter 6: Family artifacts: keep or give away?
  • Chapter 7: Find outside homes for artifacts
  • Chapter 8: Who wants your genealogy collection?
  • Chapter 9: Write your genealogical "will"
  • Chapter 10: No obvious heirs? Try these ideas
  • Chapter 11: Keep family history alive for the future
The paperback version is now available through Amazon.com (US, UK, Canada). Later in September, the paperback will be available at  AmericanAncestors.org

As of September 1, Amazon is accepting preorders for the digital book, to be released on September 15.

Please watch for more details to come. Thank you!

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