Friday, August 30, 2019

Honor Roll Project: War Memorial in North East, New York

Veterans Park in Millerton, town of North East, New York
Another beautifully-kept veterans park, another war memorial for Heather Rojo's Honor Roll Project. (BTW, this is my 100th blog post of 2019, with more to come!)

Memorial in town of North East, New York
These memorials are located in Millerton, NY, within the town of North East, New York.

Because blooms and shrubs partially obscure some names at the height of summer, I'll have to go back another time to photo and transcribe names from WWII.

Meanwhile, here are the visible names carved in the memorial stones, remembering those who served in the following conflicts.

War memorial in North East, NY - Thank you for your service!
Serving in Lebanon and Grenada: 

  • Brian A. Roux
  • Edward Watson, Jr.
Serving in Beirut:

  • Daniel Cuddeback, Jr.
  • John Boice, Jr.
  • Craig Furey
Serving in the Persian Gulf:

  • Robert Cuddeback
  • Michael Humbert
  • Thomas H. Garnto
  • Erik Breen
  • Adam H. Zies-Way
  • Joshua Malarchuk
  • Stephen K. Valyou
  • Victor Strickland
  • Clyde Miller
  • Thomas J. Stickles, Jr.
  • Robert Murphy
  • Luke Nelson
  • Louis Simmons

War memorial in North East, NY - thank you for your service!


  1. It's wonderful that so many towns are now caring for or creating memorials to those who fought and died in wars. Even better that these memorials are for modern conflicts. Whether or not the military action has popular support, our servicemen and women deserve our respect and for their memories to be honored.

  2. Lovely memorial. Thanks for sharing.