Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday: Cousin Casper Larimer, Truck Driver

With many people out of work during the Depression, hubby's 2d cousin 2x Casper Richard Larimer was probably lucky to have a job at all.

Early on the cold morning of January 4, 1932, he was driving a truck near Michigan City, Indiana--roughly 80 miles from his home in Millersburg, Indiana--when he pulled over to the side of the road.

It was about 1 a.m. and Casper left the truck's motor running for heat while he grabbed a quick nap.

Sometime later, a passerby noticed the truck and peeked inside the cab. Casper looked asleep, but he had actually passed away.

After an inquest, the coroner determined the cause of death as [quote]:

"Poisoning from carbon monoxide gas which came up through the cab floor of his truck standing with motor running at side of road US Route north 20. He was sleeping. This was due to defective and broken manifold on his truck, about one hour. I consider his death accidental."

RIP, cousin Casper R. Larimer (1910-1932), buried in Brown Cemetery, Elkhart, Indiana. Casper was the youngest son of Bartlett Larimer (1879-1949) and Ella Sarah Fravey (1874-1959).


  1. Very sad story, especially because I have several truck drivers in my family.

  2. I have truck drivers in my family too. This is a sad story that might never have been told without that fantastic death certificate.

  3. Colleen and Wendy, I first learned about Casper's early death through photos taken of Larimer headstones in Brown Cemetery. Of course I wondered why he died so young, until I learned the sad story through his death cert. His family must have been devastated.

  4. Very sad but interesting. You just never know where questions like that will lead you.

  5. Anna, you are so right. I had no idea what happened to Casper...would have guessed disease. So sad.