Friday, July 5, 2013

Surname Saturday: Bentley and Morgan, from New York

One mystery was solved today when the mail brought death file info for Lucinda H. Bentley Shank, my Tombstone Tuesday for this week.

Lucinda's younger sister, Lucy E. Bentley Larimer, is hubby's great-great-grandma. 

This death document confirms that Lucinda's parents were William T. Bentley of New York and Olivia Morgan Bentley of New York. Lucy's document says her mother was "Oliver" [sic] Morgan.

I'm so glad I didn't accept the name shown on family trees contributed by Ancestry users, who said "S.L. Hixon" was Lucy and Lucinda's mother. As if I needed another reason to look at the documentation for myself, this case shows how important it is to DIG DEEPER before coming to a conclusion! 


  1. I'll be reading your research updates with interest! My husband is from upstate New York and has some Bentleys in the family. If you discover your Bentleys were from the Herkimer County area let me know, and I'll do a little research regarding my husband's family. Maybe your husband and my husband are related!

  2. Cynthia, if these Bentleys were from Herkimer county, I'll be in touch! Thanks for the offer and thanks for reading.

  3. AnonymousJuly 31, 2013

    Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for your blog. I have loved reading it. I am descended from the Larimers and Bentleys also. My great-great grandfather was William T. B. Larimer, Brice's son. I thought it might interest you to know how many of the family names have carried down on my side of the family. My great grandmother was Atta Elizabeth Larimer, Named after Lucy Elizabeth Bentley. She also named her daughter, my great aunt, Lucy Elizabeth. Elizabeth is also my name. My great uncle, Atta's son was named William, and it is also my father's middle name, and namesake for my nephew Liam. It is fun to trace these families back and see the connections made. You have made that easier for me, so thanks!!

    Elizabeth Bradford Willis,

    Also, I am sure you have already come across this, but the book "A Standard History Of Elkhart County" has a nice little write up on John and Brice Larimer..

  4. Hi Elizabeth, Thank you so much for your comment! I'm delighted to hear from you and if you like, I can invite you to view the family tree on Ancestry, if you give me your e-mail. It's a work in progress, of course, especially the children of William Tyler Bentley. And about the book, I've seen it online but not in print. Will have to pick up a copy... Best,