Thursday, June 20, 2013

Friday's Faces from the Past: Wood family of Ohio

Wood brothers: John Andrew, Edgar James, and Wallis Walter
James Edgar Wood
Today I'm highlighting hubby's family in the Buckeye State, starting with his dad, Edgar James Wood (1903-1986). The above photo shows Ed and, we think, his next-younger brothers. One brother is not in the photo: Theodore W. Wood.

Edgar Wood's father was James Edgar Wood (1871-1939), shown at right. He was a builder whose homes I've showcased in other blog posts, like the one here

James was one of 17 children of Thomas Haskell Wood (1809-1890) and Mary Amanda Demarest Wood (1831-1897). In order from oldest to youngest, they are: 
  • Jane Ann Wood (1846-1936)
  • Thomas Jefferson Isaiah Haskell Wood (1848-1861)
  • John Marshall Taber Wood (1850-1859)
  • Lucy Maria Kize Wood (1851-1870)
  • William Henry White Wood (1853-1893)
  • Alfred Olando Wood (1855-1895)
  • Francis Ellery Wood (1857-1933)
  • Joe Elemuel Wood (1859-1864)
  • Lavatia Allen Wood (1859-1864)
  • Charles Augustus Wood (1862-1895)
  • Rachel Ellen "Nellie" Wood (1864-1954)
  • George Howard Wood (1866-1866--d. in infancy)
  • Marion Elton Wood (1867-1947)
  • Mary Emma Wood (1869-?)
  • James Edgar Wood (1871-1939)
  • Robert Orrin Wood (1873-1933)
  • Leander Elkanah Wood (1874-1874--d. in infancy)
We're still researching some of these Wood siblings. We know almost nothing of Mary Emma Wood after the 1870 Census...except that she married a man named W.R. Eagle. Need more on her, for sure.

William Henry White Wood married Allise (Alice?) and had four children, according to 1880 Census: Hattie, Phillip, Cathie, and Thomas. And then??

What about Charles Augustus Wood, a carpenter who died of "la grippe" in 1895? Did he marry? Or have kids? Still digging...

By the way, Mary Amanda Demarest's parentage is a mystery. See the tabs at top of this blog for a special ancestor landing page devoted just to her.

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