Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Sisters Visit D.C. in 1966ish

Dad (Harold Burk) took my younger sister Harriet (in blue) and me (in yellow print) to Washington, D.C. around 1966ish to visit cousins and see the sights.

Previously, I wrote about trying to identify the year because of the outfit I wore in photos from that trip.

Here are more photos from that trip, when we met cousin Lois for the first time. The date on the edge of the bottom photo says March 1968, but that's hard to believe because we're dressed for summer.


  1. Those are some outfits! I'll bet I have something similar if I look in a couple of books.

  2. Hi! Hope you find similar outfits, would love to see :) And thanks for your comments.