Friday, April 13, 2012

No Titanic for My Ancestors

The anniversary of the Titanic tragedy got me thinking about the ships my ancestors sailed from the Old World to the New World.

SS Moltke of Hamburg America Line
In my Schwartz family, my grandfather Theodore (Tivador) was the first to arrive in New York, aboard the S.S. Moltke from Hamburg in 1902 (above). He was listed as 14 years old, a student, hometown of Ungvar, Hungary, and supposedly he was going to be with a cousin in New York. Interestingly, Teddy became a runner for some of the steamship lines during his early years in New York City.

Teddy's older brother, Samuel Schwartz, arrived in New York aboard the S.S. Pretoria from Cuxhaven in 1904 (below). The manifest indicates he was a 20-year-old printer (an occupation he continued in Connecticut) and he was joining his brother Teodor (Theodore), living at 941 Second Avenue in New York City.
SS Pretoria of Hamburg America Line
Together, Teddy and Sam pooled their money to bring their youngest sister Mary Schwartz to New York in 1906 aboard the S.S. Statendam.

Sadly, their two other sisters, Etel and Paula, remained in Hungary, along with their mother, Hana Simonowitz Schwartz. Etel and Paula (2022 update), with other siblings, were killed in the Holocaust. Herman Schwartz, Teddy's dad, had died in Hungary sometime earlier.

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